Web and Application Developer
DevOps Engineer
Free Software Evangalist

I am a problem solver and a leader. I seek challenges that require me to overcome obstacles and implement better solutions. I am passionate about my work and rapidly evolving technology.

Why Hire Me?

I am a proficient developer with an eyes for design and over 15 years of experience. I am a problem solver, extremely passionate about evolving technology with an extrodinary aptitude for learning new skills. I manage my own servers and operations while quickly generating new sites. I have experience making fast, inexpensive sites, commerce and enterprise sites and apps. My broad experience with many tools and languages makes me an excellent candidate to specialize on your web applications.

Recent Projects

Recent Blogs

December 07, 2014

Check out the source code to my blog, served efficiently by Node and Nginx. My first foray into flat-file minamilsm worked magically.

What I Do

Elegant and dynamic client-driven sites


Cross-platform games and applications


My Experience

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES7, Systems Administration, Architecture, Security, DevOps, DNS, Linux, Debian, CentOS, KVM, Docker, Git, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, NGINX, Apache, PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, RethinkDB, Redis, SOLR, Elasticsearch, Laravel, Symfony, Joomla, Drupal, Node, Express, Meteor, Angular, Ember, Vue, Webpack, REST, oAuth, Testing, Agile, Scrum